Joe Rogan Insults Australia After Falling For Satirical Pro-Vaccination Advert

UFC commentator Joe Rogan was fooled by a satire video produced by an Australian comedy show called Gruen. Rogan watched the video because it directly references him.

Rogan initially thought the video was produced by the Australian government to encourage Australian citizens to get vaccinated.



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The video shows a man who collapses and is in need of help, then a woman shows up to help him by giving him an EpiPen. However, the man asks what is the brand of the EpiPen and what’s inside it. The man refuses to get it and argues with the woman in the midst of all that. He also mentions Joe Rogan by saying “what does Joe Rogan say about it” and in his final moment he said, “Call Joe”.


Thinking this is an official ad produced by the Australian government, Joe Rogan spoke out and gave his thoughts on his Instagram account. The 54 years old comedian claimed that Australia is being too strict about the way they handle the pandemic.


“Not only has Australia had the worst reaction to the pandemic with dystopian, police-state measures that are truly inconceivable to the rest of the civilized world, but they also have the absolute dumbest propaganda.” Wrote Rogan on his Instagram while also posting the video.



After realizing that he was mistaken, Joe Rogan edited the caption by adding a little clarification about the video. “EDIT: apparently this is not a real ad. It’s from a satirical show.”


Joe Rogan claims that he is not anti-vaccine, but believes a healthy person under 21 years old shouldn’t worry about getting it. Back in April this year he was quoted saying: “If you’re, like, 21-years-old, and you say to me, ‘Should I get vaccinated?’ I’ll go ‘No.’”