Joe Rogan gets hoaxed, mistakes satire for a real headline warning of health dangers of Eggs

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is one of the biggest influencers of public opinion in the world. Rogan has earned his title thanks to his decades long running podcast that netted him more than $200 million in an exclusive licensing deal to Spotify.

Rogan is also famous for taking things a little too literally. Being a comedian himself, he often has other comedians on the podcast and fails to recognize when they’re joking.

But this isn’t limited to the podcast, Rogan also falls for unreal headlines out there in the wilds of internet every now and then.

Most recently, Rogan shared a concerning article screenshot. The article is titled “Scientists Warn Eggs Are Causing Thousands of People to ‘Suddenly’ Form Blood Clots”.

Rogan captioned the post:

“This is either some black belt level trolling, or the AI has gone sentient and it’s starting to fuck with us.”

“Repost: @dasrobbwolf Well peas & carrots!! Not only will that omelette make my wind smell like satans aftershave, it’s gunna freaking kill me too!”

“Something really weird about that, these researchers say it’s choline in eggs that’s the problem, even though most folks don’t get remotely enough, these smarty pants insist it’ll turn you arteries into a mile long twizzler because the choline gets converted into the science stuff called TMAO, and TMAO is supposed to REALLY get that clotting cascade kicked off! Want to know another weird detail? Fish delivers massively larger amounts of TMAO than eggs of meat, but it’s only eggs and meat that these scientists blame for TMAO! Wacky. ”

“Clearly a fair number of folks are having some serious clotting issues, but I’m pretty sure something changed with eggs in the past 2 years. I can think of any other thing that’s novel that might account for this, so yea, eggs it is. All I can say is thank whatever deity I can acknowledge (without it making me a racist) for the intrepid scientists and media folks looking out for us! ”

A plain text link to the Newspunch article was included.

But what Rogan was unaware of is that this is an infamous satirical site.

NewsPunch is a Los Angeles-based fake news website. Originally named Your News Wire, it was founded in 2014 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai and his husband Sinclair Treadway. In November 2018, it rebranded itself as NewsPunch.

This isn’t even Rogan’s first time getting hoaxed this week. Just a couple of days ago Rogan shared the infamous post about the food pyramid that preferred we eat Lucky Charms to meat.

Podcast host Joe Rogan shared an Instagram image suggesting that the federal government declared a sugary cereal healthier than meat.

The headline stated:

“New government-funded ‘food pyramid’ says Lucky Charms are healthier than steak.”

His caption reads: “Thanks to the large collection of legitimate nutrition experts with independent shows distributing information based on solid research, we know this is bull—-.”

But here’s the caveat, the image shared was not a food pyramid, which was a U.S. Agriculture Department guide on how much to eat each day from five major food groups. Instead it was an image created by private researchers to caution that a food healthfulness system that ranked Lucky Charms over ground beef should not be used.

The Good Ranchers blog post links to a February research paper from several nutritionists.

The paper evaluated Food Compass, a system for ranking the healthfulness of foods. The system was developed by researchers at Tufts University in Massachusetts and unveiled in October 2021.