Joe Rogan exposed Liver King’s ‘Hard’ Attempt to get on his podcast

The Joe Rogan Experience has a huge list of admirers that wish to be on the renowned podcast, which was just proclaimed as Spotify’s most popular podcast internationally in 2022.

Rogan has been choosy about his guests because he realizes how big of a platform his podcast is – and in fact even before that comedians had named an appearance on his podcast ‘The Rogan Effect’ which would translate to 10,000 new subscribers.

The well-known podcast presenter had a conversation with Derek, the face of the well-liked YouTube channel More Plates More Dates, during JRE #1905. With his most recent video on Liver King, Derek recently created a stir online.

As a result, the discussion began with the pair talking about the social media personality’s recent disclosures and the ensuing apologetic video. The 55-year-old pundit was embroiled in a conflict with Brian Johnson, alias Liver King.

Rogan questioned if the Liver King employed a media staff. Derek responded in positive and said that Liver King has a media team.

After then, the podcast host revealed that they were colleagues and related to a Las Vegas event. The former Fear Factor presenter recalled the event by saying, “One of them came up to me in Vegas… One of my security guards stopped him. He was like ‘I’m a producer for the liver King’.”

Derek then said, “I’m like ‘Producer? What the f**k do you produce? What are you producing?’”

The YouTuber who previously debunked King’s claims about having a natural physique questioned Rogan in the same area about how many UFC events Liver King had gone to. Rogan revealed that Liver King had previously sat in the first row of his MGM concert in Las Vegas. The UFC analyst later spotted him at the Canelo Alvarez bout.

The UFC commentator said, “He [Liver King] was trying really hard to get on the podcast and he’s been trying really hard to get on now.”

Rogan also said that the influencer got in touch with a number of his buddies including Bert Kreisher to enquire about getting on the show.

In a separate podcast appearance Derek of MPMD confirmed that he had once offered Liver King a spot on his podcast, but despite initial interest as expressed in a public comment he had said he was too busy.

While some say that the refusal to be on his podcast created animosity, it’s doubtful that the animosity predates any of Liver King’s hypocritical denials that he’s not taking PEDs but simply following his ‘ancestral tenants’.