Joe Rogan denied Andrew Tate’s requests to be on the podcast prior to arrest

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reached out to UFC commentator Joe Rogan in an attempt to have Andrew Tate appear on “The Joe Rogan Experience.” Tate, who is now facing human trafficking and myriad of other charges in Romania, had requested Jones to recommend him to Rogan.

Tate had worked with Jones prior to his world wide infamy and had even had his own line of infowars supplements titled Top G.

On December 14, 2019, Tate messaged Jones asking him to “drop joe a txt and recommend me for his podcast,” and Jones later passed on Tate’s contact information to Rogan, saying, “He lives in Transylvania and is a really good guest. He is a longtime fan of yours and said in the past you followed him on Twitter.”

However, Rogan did not appear to accept the recommendation, replying to Jones that he was “way overbooked right now” and that Tate had been trying to get on his podcast for a while. The text exchange between Jones and Rogan was obtained by the SPLC from Jones’ phone.

Jones and Tate had apparently dined together the night before they texted, according to the SPLC, which cited messages between the pair. Jones and Rogan, who were formerly close friends, had appeared on each other’s shows in the past.

Tate has never appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” but Rogan mentioned him on his podcast on January 5, comparing him to a pro-wrestler who uses an extreme online persona to make money. Rogan described Tate as a “very smart guy” but did not seem to endorse him.

 “He was saying things about women that, he was saying that like, what did he say that specifically got them triggered? It was basically saying misogyny. Look, he plays part of it is like a character.”

“And part of it he is a legit world champion kickboxer who is a hard man, who doesn’t buy any p***y b***s***. And that’s what’s resonating with young people. The worry is that he is going to, the kids are gonna listen to him ’cause he is big on Tik Tok.” – Rogan said of Tate on the episode of Companion podcast.