Joe Rogan defends the Deep State: “We would be F****d without it”

The biggest podcaster in the world has surprised his audience when he defended the idea of a “Deep State” in the American government.

Deep State is an American political conspiracy theory promoted by Donald Trump. The conspiracy states that a secret network of actors operating as a hidden government operatives exercises power alongside elected officials.

To the surprise of Rogan’s fanbase, Joe Rogan thinks that the “Deep State” is an important part of the American Government.

In an episode with former CIA officer Mike Baker, Rogan mentioned the conspiracy theory:

“One of the things that the tinfoil-hat brigade likes to talk about is the deep state,” said the podcaster.

“They always like to talk about the deep state. What I was saying is, what if we didn’t have a deep state?” he continued. “Do you know how f***ed we would be if we didn’t have career politicians and career intelligence agencies? People who are there for a long period of time who do understand it.”

Rogan later claimed that President Joe Biden’s government staff is a good example of how the “Deep State” is beneficial for the US government.

“Listen, I’ve disrespected Joe Biden enough, I don’t think I should do it anymore,” Rogan stated. “I’ve said enough about him being mentally incompetent. He’s just compromised, he’s an old guy. We know everyone knows, the guy is falling apart.”

“But imagine if he really was the only say in how things run, and how things go? If he really was a dictator, we would be beyond f***ed!”

However, Rogan’s opinions about the deep state were different when Trump was in power. The podcaster was a harsh critic of the notion that unknown actors were operating behind the scenes during Trump’s years as a President.

“They were trying to literally impeach Trump for some s**t that they made up,” Rogan told Jocko Willink during an episode of his podcast. “Trump is not a perfect guy, this is not a pro-Trump speech,”

“But this thing that he kept saying about the deep state, it’s real! It’s 100% real.”

“They are f**ing real monsters, and they are trying to get rid of him by lying.”

“They were not spending their time trying to make the government work more efficiently and make the country a better place for everyone and prop up the middle class. No. They were trying to regain power, and they got it, with a dead man [President Joe Biden].”