Joe Rogan backs Barbie, slams backlash against iconic property

Joe Rogan has publicly voiced his astonishment at the considerable backlash directed towards Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie. Speaking on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience with Post Malone, Rogan discussed his surprise at the negative reception the film has garnered.

Despite Barbie’s strong performance at the box office, crossing the $1 billion mark, it has faced criticism for being overly “woke” and allegedly promoting a “man-hating” narrative.

Rogan shared his thoughts on the matter, stating, “A lot of people are upset about the Barbie movie, and I left [the theater] perplexed.” He went on to describe the film as “interesting” and “original,” finding it to be an enjoyable and lighthearted experience.

Expressing his bewilderment at the outrage, Rogan questioned how people could interpret the film in such a negative light. He personally knows individuals who perceive it as anti-men, a viewpoint he disagrees with. He saw the movie as a playful mockery of certain social dynamics.

In his view, the film was neither an attack on men nor a broad generalization of their behavior. He questioned the tendency to view such content as representative of an entire gender, emphasizing the importance of considering individuals as unique and diverse.

Rogan commended the performances of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the film, praising their chemistry. He endorsed the movie’s portrayal of how Barbie might respond if placed in the real world. Post Malone echoed Rogan’s sentiment, describing the concept as intriguing.

Concluding the discussion, Rogan expressed his astonishment at the degree of outrage generated by the movie. He deemed it a fun and entertaining film and found it disconcerting that people reacted so strongly to it.