Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley argue boxing is more dangerous than MMA

Joe Rogan and Sean O’Malley had an interesting time recently recording an episode of Joe Rogan Experience.

The two discussed which is more dangerous: boxing or MMA.

MMA requires a combination of a number of disciplines as such there’s a lot of room for error and miscalculation. There’s also the question of how many injuries happen in training, preparing for the actual event.

But it’s not all clear cut.

O’Malley, who used to train boxing, believes that MMA is way safer.

Boxing and mixed martial arts are the two most popular combat sports in the world. Boxing has been popular for the better part of 20th century while MMA is quickly becoming mainstream. A lot of combat sports fans wonder which sport is more dangerous.

Due to a number of techniques that can be used in MMA, most fans believe that boxing is safer.  While MMA athletes would follow knocked down opponents to the ground, to finish them, in boxing a ref would halt the match and count to ten.

“I had a pro-boxing fight a while back and I went to a pro-boxing gym… You spar! Monday, Wednesday, Friday, three times a week is hard. I think a lot of the damage is in sparring and then you go in there and get dropped, get back up, get an eight-count, get dropped again.” O’Malley said.

“I think it’s probably a mixture between how hard those motherf**kers spar and the accumulation of getting hit in the head. It’s hard to watch.” O’Malley added.

Rogan reiterated: “So. Do they just get hit more. I watch a lot of boxing sparring video footage that people put up, and I’m like, Jesus, these guys are fighting.”

The two went on to laugh at Sean Strickland’s recent duel with a boxer who was trolling him online.

There’s also been a recent string of fatalities related to brain hemorrhages in boxing.

Sean O’Malley was last seen in the octagon at UFC 280 where he defeated Petr Yan via split decision. ‘Sugar’ is now ready to get a title shot. However, the reigning champion Aljamain Sterling chose to lay off until mid-2023 and will face Henry Cejudo first.

O’Malley is now planning to have an interim title match against fellow top contender Marlon ‘Chito Vera.