Joe Rogan Addresses Biased Commentary: I Try To Be Fair

Longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan took a break earlier this year from covering events – and regardless of how you feel about his bias he was missed. Of course, this was in part because Daniel Cormier’s bias makes Rogan look like Pierluigi Collina.

Recently Rogan addressed these remarks in a podcast episode featuring fellow comic Brian Simpson.

” I try to be very fair, always with my commentary and I am also very respectful. Even if you think that my commentary was biased or, one way another, you will never think I am disrespectful. Cause I always try to, unless someone is doing something really dirty.”

One notable recent case – is Rogan repeatedly pointing out that Lightweight Champion Charles Oliveira may have held onto Dustin Poirier’s glove. Of course those of us who were watching at home are aware his bias didn’t originate in the middle of round two when the troubling moment occurred.