Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt uses BJJ & controls alleged bike thief until police arrive

It’s been an eventful day for Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Rad of Art of Movement Bristol.

A video of an altercation with alleged bike thief was posted online.

Rad is a passionate martial arts instructor and personal trainer. He has been training Capoeira for 18 years, is a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (13 years of practise) and certified Level 3 Personal Trainer according to his own website.

According to his own account:
“On Friday in our school in Bristol we got 2 bikes stolen , and one of our students find it on fb market his bike for 250£ .”
” We arranged to met the guy we took the bike back and want him to wait for police to find out where is the second bike of 13 yers old boy…. He start panicking and jump on the car to run ,and basically grab him and hold him and wait for police …”

” no one hit him and no one get hurt , i think he cut his lip when he tried jump over the car …. What a day 🙈🙈we didn’t get the second bike back :/ i don’t even know if I should share this but lets see , scary situation dont know they could have knife or something”

A longer video was subsequently shared providing more context for the crime intervention.