Jiu-jitsu Black-belt arrested for sexually assaulting student in a hospital

According to reports, a nurse from Florida who is also a renowned jiu-jitsu instructor was detained this week. This was because he allegedly sexually abused a martial arts pupil while on duty in a hospital ward.

Joel Gingery is a multiple major jiu-jitsu champion with a Navy SEAL background. He was accused of asking one of his female pupils to see him on Monday night at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

According to Fox 35, the 18-year-old subsequently told police that Gingery had taken her to an empty on-call room at the facility. He blocked the door with a table and then assaulted her sexually.

Gingery runs a jiu-jitsu gym in Ormond Beach. He allegedly apologized to the lady over the phone many times after the meeting. Police eavesdropped on a call she made to her instructor.

Gingery is a renowned bjj competitor in the masters division. He started jiu jitsu as a high level judoka and made his name having defeated names such as Egan Inoue, Megaton Dias and Nelson Monteiro. He also trained under Marcelo Garcia a while.

He managed to win IBJJF World Masters four times.

During the chat, Gingery remarked to the adolescent victim, “I’m sorry, I put you through that. Can you forgive me?” Later, he inquired as to whether she had told anybody else about the event.

The adolescent informed police that Gingery was a mentor to her. The black belt now faces charges of sexual assault and false imprisonment. On Tuesday afternoon, Gingery was charged in Volusia County, and his bail was set at $75,000.