Jiri Prochazka launches Samurai porridge

Jiri Prochazka is preparing for his title shot against Light Heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira. During the camp Prochazka launched a unique product.

In the UFC we see a lot of gimmicks but Prochazka might’ve pushed the samurai thing to the next level. In addition to a peculiar haircut the Czech martial artist released a Samurai themed oatmeal.

While UFC’s biggest star are promoting their beverages – Prochazka has his mind set on a smaller market – his homeland.

The samurai ethos isn’t new for Prochazka. As far back as 2016 he told Rizin MMA that identifying with the archetype helps him tremendously. At the time he said:

 You mentioned that you have read the book of 5 rings written by Miyamoto Musashi, what did you learn from it?
The samurai idea helps me all the time. I have read the book many times and there is always something new to learn.
We can see the “SAMURAI” in you by watching your actions and how you speak. What is “BUSHIDO SPIRIT” for you?
That is because I can have my mind set so strong even in such a hard situations like this. For me that means keeping the fighting spirit on the way of self-improvement, knowledges and fight.

Prochazka has also been training by striking a tree and is used to leaving alone in a forest.

“After hitting a tree 500 times; I go to the bag and the bag is very easy; believe me. […] Without a rest. This is how my training should be; because if you want to show something crazy; something new; you have to train like that ”

No word yet on how samurai feel about being used to market an oatmeal.