Jiri Prochazka tore shoulder ligaments in wrestling, had a visible hole, manager reveals

The medical personnel in the UFC has seen a lot of things – yet they were stunned to learn the Light heavyweight champion had dislocated his shoulder so severely that surgery was all but certain.

Prochazka’s coach gave an interview to sport.cz and confirmed some of the finer details of the injury.

“It is said to be the absolute worst injury in the history of the UFC,” coach and manager Martin Karaivanov told Sport.cz.

Karaivanov was also asked how the injury had happened to which he replied:

“It happened during wrestling training , Jiří fell badly during a throw and dislocated his shoulder, tearing his ligaments.”

Jiri was aware he had a major issue from the get go, manager confirmed:

“It was bad, but we were waiting to see if it would get better. Subsequently, an MRI was performed, which confirmed the worst possible scenario. There is a really big hole in the shoulder, the rehabilitation will be very long and there is a risk of surgery.”

While Prochazka suggested he’s looking at a 6 month lay off on his social media, his manager is skeptical about the 6 month mark and expects the lay off to be closer to a year depending on a variety of variables.

It is about when the operation will take place and how the recovery will go. It is not advisable to rush anything, because it will depend on how well it will be rehabilitated. Then, eventually, he jumps into training.

He also confirmed UFC had promised him a title shot immediately upon his return:

” Yes, that’s what the agreement is. Jiri will have a title shot immediatelly after his recovery.”