Jiri Prochazka details frostbite injuries after getting lost in California woods

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka recently opened up about a harrowing experience where he suffered frostbite injuries after getting lost while hiking in the California mountains.

Prochazka, known for his adventurous spirit, decided to go hiking in the Las Vegas area around a year ago. He set out to trek Mount Charleston, expecting it to be about a 6-hour hike based on the map he consulted. However, Prochazka made a crucial mistake in not studying the map thoroughly enough.

“After six hours of the walking, high altitude, then I realized that I have to come back or I need to really hurry to the end,” Prochazka explained to Allstar. “So I just decide to make it. It took me more than in the final more than 16, 18 hours.”

To make matters worse, Prochazka didn’t bring a light source with him, as he anticipated being back before nightfall based on the initial 6-hour estimate. As darkness fell, the Czech fighter found himself lost in the mountains, desperately trying to find his way back to his car.

After an arduous 16-18 hour ordeal, Prochazka finally made it back to his vehicle. However, the next day he noticed his left thumb was blackened – a telltale sign of frostbite from the extreme cold temperatures he endured while stranded overnight.

“I realized that my thumb on my left leg is a little bit black. Yeah, frostbite,” Prochazka said. The frostbite injury was so severe that Prochazka’s nail eventually fell off. It took around 6 months for a new nail to fully regrow and for him to regain proper balance in that leg.

Though the experience was undoubtedly terrifying, Prochazka maintained his typical philosophical outlook. “The fear is the part of ourselves,” he stated.

This brushed with danger is yet another example of Prochazka’s extreme toughness and perseverance – traits that have also made him a force to be reckoned with in the Octagon. The light heavyweight contender certainly learned a lesson about being better prepared for hiking excursions in the future.

 Prochazka, currently ranked second in the light heavyweight division, has been eagerly awaiting his return to action since his last appearance at UFC 295, where he faced Alex Pereira in a thrilling encounter. Despite suffering a setback in that fight, Prochazka remains a fan favorite and is poised to make a statement in his upcoming clash with Rakic.

Rakic aims to rebound from a previous injury and make his mark in the light heavyweight division. With both fighters determined to emerge victorious at UFC 300, fans can expect an electrifying clash of styles and personalities inside the Octagon.