Jessica Andrade blames UFC Vegas 69 loss on wardrobe malfunction

Former UFC strawweight champion Jessica Andrade’s loss to Erin Blanchfield wasn’t an outcome many predicted. Andrade went in as a late date replacement for Talia Santos and was a favorite despite that.

Andrade went on to reveal an odd excuse for her loss in an interview with AGFight. She revealed that a wardrobe malfunction distracted her and led to her losing concentration in the crucial moments before the takedown that led to her defeat.

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“This is not an excuse, but when she came for the takedown, I lost focus. Because when she moved in, she put her shoulder just under my top and my breast completely slipped out. I lost focus and forgot to counter,” – Andrade explained.

“All I could think of was my breast. When I used my hand to put my breast back in the top, that’s when she was able to take me down. It’s all part of the game, though. It’s not an excuse. She really had a great gameplan. It wasn’t on purpose.

“We have to be ready for everything. I should’ve been prepared to let my breast be out if it slipped out. It has been shown in so many places before. I shouldn’t even be worried about that,”

Ronda Rousey famously had a similar wardrobe situation during UFC 157.

Rousey told Helwani at the time:

“I was thinking more about keeping my sports bra up while she was trying to choke me. I felt very safe and in control even though it didn’t look like that.”