Japanese MMA star lets 6 year old daughter make her debut at Shooto Torao 28

6 year old Sakuya Sasaki became the youngest person to have an official MMA record.

Sasaki is the daughter of Japanese MMA star Megumi Fujii. Fujii is a 48 year old retired Japanese mixed martial artist. Fujii also started in martial arts extremely young – her father had started her in Judo at age 3. After graduating from university with a degree in physical education she got interested in combat sambo.

She has an MMA record consisting of 26 wins and 3 losses. She competed at Bellator, Jewels, Vale Tudo Japan- and Shooto a promotion her young daughter made her debut in.

Sasaki made her debut at SHOOTO TORAO 28.

Shooto is a combat sport and mixed martial arts organization that is governed by the Shooto Association and the International Shooto Commission. Shooto was originally formed in 1985, first as a particular hybrid system and then in 1989 as a mixed martial arts promotion.

Many Japanese mixed martial artists had their start at Shooto and the organization still holds both professional and amateur tournaments.

Shooto is considered a hybrid martial art derived from Shoot Wrestling. It is focused on all aspects of combat sports: striking, stand-up grappling and newaza.

Sasaki’s amateur debut went well. She was active from the very first ring. She immediately got a takedown from the tackle! She then shifted to the mount to prevent opponent from defending an armbar.

She was facing Ayame Yamamoto – at 44 lbs.

In the end, Sasaki was able to finish the armbar and the referee intervened calling a stop to the contest at one minute into Round 1.

No video of the bout is yet available. While the Western philosophy dictates that striking isn’t a great hobby for a preschooler there’s not much stigma in Japan where kids are regularly spotted training Shooto. Similarly, kids in Thailand train muay thai and even have professional bouts.

With her debut, Sasaki now officially has a record on sherdog which more than likely makes her the youngest person listed on site.