Jan Blachowicz gave Sean Strickland a scary lesson in European history

The class is in session for UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland. Strickland  has been firing off controversial  takes one after another. His latest take on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis resulted in a long exchange with Jan Blachowicz.

Strickland suggested that Ukraine should just bend its knee and become Russian to avoid being “the new Afghanistan” back in February.

“Ukraine should just bend the knee and become Russian… I understand it sucks and yes you could win….. but do you really want to be the new Afghanistan for the next 30 years??? Not saying it’s right but this hard pill to swallow will be better in the end.”

The tweet wasn’t received well by Twitter users. One of them in particular being former UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz. Blachowicz is Polish and understands the issues Europe is facing with Ukraine compromised.

“Would you? It is easy to give away someone else’s independence… The history of the Eastern European region is full of struggle and suffering. Ukraine – as a country and as a people – has endured much. Their resistance is understandable and admirable. Freedom!” Blachowicz replied to Strickland.

Strickland took his time before replying to Blachowicz:

“35 days for Germany to take control of Poland. The only reason why there is a poland is ww2. Poland isn’t Ukraine. Their children’s children will be living in the rubble of Ukraine struggle under a Russian flag in 5 years. That is the cost. Russian sanctions are Ukraine sanctions” wrote Strickland.

The sensitive reply seemed to somewhat trigger Blachowicz who is now reprimanded Strickland’s attitude:

“Totalitarianisms feed on the passivity. Many things could have been avoided in history if not for the attitude of people like you, who “had to choose between war and shame. They chose shame.” They got war too. The Ukrainians are fighting tyranny threating whole world. Yours too.”

Blachowicz also slammed Strickland for bringing up Polish history without proper research.

“Good idea to write less about the subject. Do something constructive like decent research on history (start with following @AuschwitzMuseum) or support some NGO with humanitarian aid. And don’t teach Poles about “nation cost”. We have over 1000 years of beautiful history.”

Blachowicz seemed adamant to point out that an attitude like Strickland’s can lead to disasters.

“To close the case. I’m not going to do your homework for you, but before you talk about WWII check out terms like Anschluss of Austria, occupation of Czechoslovakia, Munich Agreement, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. That is, how passivity like yours lead to greater evil. Let us act now.”

Considering proximity to the issue, most would react in anger but props to Blachowicz for keeping his cool.