James Krause selling Glory MMA to FAC owner – agent Joe Wooster

James Krause has been engulfed in this UFC betting scandal. Krause made his living as a betting tout, MMA coach and his name even served as a namesake for the Fighting Alliance Championship.

This is an episode in his life that’s coming to a close after UFC released a statement last Friday detailing they will not be featuring any athletes that choose to keep affiliating themselves with Krause and his gym.

On December 2nd, UFC released a statement addressing the incident and releasing Krause’s trainee Darrick Minner. Ariel Helwani recapped what happened last Friday saying:

“Further, the UFC has released Derrick Minter from the organization Gigantic. Basically, he’s out, he’s banned, he’s been cut out. And so the UFC, I think, puts out the statement to say, look, the cancer is gone, we are cutting him out. ”

“The problem is, has the damage been done? Did he shine a light on an issue within the sport that now with investigations unfolding and I’m told on the radar of the FBI, do they start pulling on threads that lead to other things?” – Helwani wondered.

“This is the most serious threat to the future growth of the UFC in quite some time, if not ever. And dare I say obviously the health of its competitors paramount. But this is akin to when TRT was, you know, running through the company and they were trying to, you know, stop the bleeding there, so to speak.”

“And you could say that in terms of, you know, integrity and legitimacy, if people don’t believe that what you are doing is on the up and up, there is a huge problem there, especially when it comes to fighting and combat sports…”

Now there are reports coming out that Krause is looking to sell his share of the MMA glory gym to FAC owner agent Joe Wooster.

But the gym might be the least of Krause’s issues. UFC veteran Josh Thomson recently speculated that Krause has had all of his devices confiscated:

“They’re not just taking what he said on that type of stuff, they’ve gone in and confiscated his iPads, his computers, his cell phones, his records and then if you are someone like [Darrick] Minner, they’re doing the same thing to you… It’s going to trickle down… It’s going to be a matter of time before everyone starts turning each other in. This is gonna get nasty.”