Jake Paul’s coach teases February 18th return

Jake Paul has reportedly started his camp for his next professional boxing bout. BJ Flores teased that a February 18th return is in the cards.

Jake Paul is 25 years old. He last competed in October against UFC GOAT Anderson Silva (47). Paul defeated Silva for the arguably biggest win of his career.

Unlike Paul’s previous opponents, Silva wasn’t knocked out but he did lose a decision after a well publicized knock down in the later rounds of the event.

Paul is currently 6-0 in boxing.

In a now-deleted post, he tweeted ring card girl Jessica Yazmine: “Come to the Jake Paul fight Feb 18. Dm me if interested.”

Paul boxed only once last year, due to Tommy Fury, 23, and Hasim Rahman Jr, 31 dropping out of their respective boxing bouts.

Paul confirmed he will compete again in February and sent offers to three different opponents.

It’s likely that Paul is negotiating with Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz. Fury is likely to be still under the travel ban making him the less likely opponent. Not to mention two previous pull outs.

Paul was ringside in Dubai earlier this year to watch Fury’s last-minute exhibition with Rolly Lambert.

Fury has withdrawn on both occasions, due to a rib injury last December and US visa issue in August.

UFC’s Sean O’Malley recently questioned if Nate Diaz would take that bout considering he’s undersized.

“He impressed me, Jake impressed me,” O’Malley said during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour

“I thought the later the fight went on, I thought Anderson might kind of put it on him, if it continued to go into the later rounds. But I think it just goes to show how good of shape Jake was in, how serious he took the fight camp, how serious he takes the sport.”

“I always want to see the biggest fights. Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz is the biggest fight. That’s what I would like to see. Jake, I think, wants to be taken more seriously by fighting a real boxer boxer and go after a belt. But I think I’m like, you might as well fight Nate Diaz. And I don’t know if Nate takes that fight. Nate might’ve seen — you know, Jake looked good. It’s not like Nate probably looked at him and thought, ‘Well, I’ll go in there and just whoop him.’ So that might be a fight that Nate doesn’t even really take.”

Andrew Tate is another strong possibility but Paul might be outmatched by an experienced kickboxer.