Jake Paul wanted Askren to sign a contract with $100k penalty if he were to try an MMA move

UFC veteran Ben Askren revealed that promotion that facilitated his boxing debut against Jake Paul wanted to renegotiate their contract with him. Askren reportedly earned $500,000 flat for his brief performance against Paul.

After seeing a big success in his amateur boxing match in 2018, social media star Jake Paul decided to jump into the world of professional boxing. The 25-year-old has been clashing with MMA veterans and profiting from the PPV buys. Jake had 5 matches since 2020 and remained undefeated. Though, he never faced an actual pro boxer.

Some boxing fans are impressed with Jake’s performance. However, a majority of people doubted him, especially following his first match against Tyron Woodley in August of last year. Fans believe they saw several exchanges in which Woodley could knock him out, but appeared to choose not to.

This resulted in fans believing the match was somehow rigged. Paul and Woodley refuted this claim that largely originated with Dillon Danis.

Recently, former UFC welterweight Ben Askren revealed ‘Triller’ wanted him to sign a contract with a $100,000 fine if he used an MMA move.

“He said Triller is worried you’re gonna do some MMA moves. I said, okay, and, I’m not but whatever. And he’s said, ‘Well, how about you sign a contract that you’ll get fined $100,000 for every time you do an MMA move?’” Askren said during a talk with Fight Hub TV.

Obviously, the multi-time wrestling gold medalist refused to sign the clause and slammed Triller for a pretty stupid attempt.

“I said, well I already signed a contract, why would I do that, that sounds stupid. And he’s like, Well, come on it would make Jake feel good, and Triller really wants it. I mean the math that people don’t do on this one because most people are too stupid. If I beat up Jake, Paul, you realize I can do whatever I want right?”

He added, “If I want to go fight his brother, if I want to box someone else, a box someone else, like I’m going to make so much more money, right? If I beat him up. So the notion that I would take money to not beat him up. It’s preposterous.”

Jake Paul is ready to have another return to the squared circle. ‘The Problem Child’ is now set to face UFC legend Anderson Silva. Jake and the former UFC middleweight champion will exchange blows on October 29.