Jake Paul slams Andrew Tate, warns his fanbase against following advice

Jake Paul criticized controversial content creator Andrew Tate and his supporters.

Tate is a YouTube sensation known for his Instagram and TikTok videos. Tate is nowadays a well-known entrepreneur, content developer but he started off as a former professional kickboxer who is noted for giving advice that many people consider sexist.

At his own “Hustlers University,” a Discord group with more than 140,000 members, he offers an online course in “modern wealth creation.”

Paul cautioned that individuals who drank Tate’s Kool-Aid were bound to get bad advice. In Paul’s opinion – especially on how to connect with women, considering Tate is popular among young men.

Jake Paul stated the following on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast:

“[Tate’s followers] are pissed off at girls because they’ve never gotten laid and they think by being this alpha male and copying this douchebag, who wears giant f***ing aviators indoors on his f***ing podcast, they think that’s gonna get them some p***y.”

“Like no. Andrew Tate’s fans are all virgins and they’re watching him to try to get laid, but they’re gonna get spit on and slapped by a girl. That’s what’s gonna happen.”

Andrew Tate has been talked about as Paul’s next boxing opponent though this is highly unlikely despite the fact that Tate repeatedly challenged Paul in front of the public.

Jake Paul has made it apparent that he doesn’t really like the internet celebrity. Paul said,
“I don’t think he gets in the ring with one of us. It’s too big of a risk for him. He’s ‘alpha male,’ right? That’s his whole entire thing.”

“And when he loses – he will lose to either one of us he fights – his whole schtick and all the women will be like, ‘Yeah!’ and his whole schtick goes out the window.”

It’s not yet apparent whether any of the Paul boys will seek a confrontation with Tate. However, they both said that there is a chance that they will meet.