Jake Paul signs contract with NFL team Cleveland Browns as a ‘junior associate content assistant’

Former YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul is preparing to enter American football.

Paul announced that he had signed a deal with the Cleveland Browns, a professional American football team. He revealed the news on his official Instagram account.

The 25-year-old expressed his enthusiasm for his forthcoming endeavor. He wrote: “Crazy news guys, I got a contract with the Cleveland Browns.”

 “Excited to be on the team,” wrote Paul, who also shared a short video of himself on a video call with Johnson. “This is a dream come true,” said Paul, who added: “I won’t let you down.”

“We’re fired up,” replied Johnson. “Excited to have you be a part of the team […] We’ll get it all signed up, we’ll have a nice little day. Hopefully your family will be here, and it’ll be quite the experience for sure.”

Paul had stated in the past that if he ever joins the NFL, he would want to play for the Cleveland Browns. The 25-year-old is certain that his perseverance and boxing prowess will help him on the football field.

During a guest appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive, Jake said:

“I wanna go to NFL after this. Like legitimately, just to play like safety and just deck people. I swear to God, I’m about to bring hella ratings to whatever team I’m on.”

He then added:

“Would you have ever thought that I would play for the Cleveland Browns? No, right? That would be crazy. I could run a 4.34. I have the size, I have the power, I can knock people out with one punch. So why can’t I play free safety?”

Previously Paul made a number of plans to box including the plan to box three times professionally in 2023.

Jake Paul has reportedly started his camp for his next professional boxing bout. BJ Flores teased that a February 18th return is in the cards.

Jake Paul is 25 years old. He last competed in October against UFC GOAT Anderson Silva (47). Paul defeated Silva for the arguably biggest win of his career.

Unlike Paul’s previous opponents, Silva wasn’t knocked out but he did lose a decision after a well publicized knock down in the later rounds of the event.

Paul is currently 6-0 in boxing.

In a now-deleted post, he tweeted ring card girl Jessica Yazmine: “Come to the Jake Paul fight Feb 18. Dm me if interested.”

Paul boxed only once last year, due to Tommy Fury, 23, and Hasim Rahman Jr, 31 dropping out of their respective boxing bouts.

In an official post on the Browns’ Instagram channel, Paul can be seen attending a ‘press conference’, pretending that he believes he is present to sign on as a player.

Paul is instead presented with a contract to become the franchise’s ‘junior associate content assistant’, which he signs.