Jake Paul Says He Is “Dead Serious” About Boxing Canelo Alvarez

Youtuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul says that he isn’t shying away from boxing competition.

Paul has faced criticism over building a boxing career by not fighting boxers, which is not far off from reality.

Paul’s victories came either from boxing fighters that had no experience in boxing whatsoever, like former basketball player Nate Robinson:

Or, by fighting former MMA fighters that didn’t specialize in boxing.

Most recently, he scored a highlight-reel knockout win over former UFC champion and NCAA Division I collegiate wrestler Tyron Woodley:

Disregarding the criticism, Jake Paul claims that his main goal is to eventually fight against P4P king Canelo Alvarez for the title.

Jake Paul was a recent guest on talkSport alongside Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

The two boxing figures talked about the future of Jake Paul’s career.

When asked about Jake Paul’s potential of becoming a boxing world champion one day, Hearn said:

‘I’m not going to lie. There are so many great fighters out there. A lot of people don’t know that Jake has a wrestling background, so he’s spent time in combat, but he doesn’t have a boxing background.

‘That’s no disrespect to Jake, you can’t just turn to boxing and become a world champion. He will try to prove us wrong.’

In response to that, Paul argued:

‘I think boxers are easier to fight than MMA fighters. They are more predictable and don’t hit as hard and they can’t take as big of a punch.’

Hearn responded: ‘I would disagree about not punching so hard. Partly with you, I don’t know if you’re serious or not. Like with fighting Canelo Alvarez.’

Jake then hit back by saying: ‘I’m being dead serious. On my mum’s life, I’m being serious. That I can contend with him, three years from now.’

In response to the YouTuber, Hearn commented: ‘Maybe I’ll promote it.’

Paul then added: ‘And walk away with $50m-$75m. I’ve seen guys go in there against him, and I say it all the time, the one guy recently goes three rounds and quits in the corner and doesn’t throw a punch [Avni Yildirim].

‘How much did he get paid? I have way more heart than that guy. I’m way more athletic than that guy.’

About never fighting a boxer, Paul had a response for the criticism:

“I look at it every day while I’m in training as he was one of the first people to say it.’

He added: ‘I have a long way to go and I know I can become a world champion because I’ve sparred against world champions.’