Jake Paul Responds To Reports Of PPV Bombing

Yesterday all of MMA media was abuzz with the report that Jake Paul vs Woodley II had managed to get only 65k PPV buys.

Just 10 days after their PPV boxing bout that sold for $59.99 and aired on Showtime the first reports are out. And according to hem the card sold very poorly topping out at 65k PPV buys.

The report about the buys comes from DAZN boxing writer Steven Muehlhausen. However this reported number is definitely far from the final number considering it doesn’t account for streaming numbers.

Some also point out that Muehlhausen is employed by DAZN yet is routinely unable to get DAZN numbers yet is offering up these from a competing outlet.

Either way – as a leak this is quite embarrassing.

Now Paul is responding personally to these reports:
“The PPV number rumors are bullsh** 1st fight w Woodley we sold 500k+ Numbers for this one are still rolling in but still looking positive Not my best business night But remember.. Everyone wanted to see me Vs. Fury and that’s what we sold..”

Paul also praised Showtime and Woodley:

Muehlhausen acknowledged that digital numbers could be telling a very different story:

“Digital numbers could be through the roof as Showtime did well in streaming on Mayweather-Paul and Paul-Woodley 1. Can only report what I know on one end. Hopefully the streaming numbers did very well.”