Jake Paul Refuses To Agree To A Single Doping Test For Tommy Fury Fight

The epic bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is set to occur on December 18th 2021, in Tampa, Florida. The money fight will take place at a catchweight with Jake Paul entering the ring for the 5th time, 4-0 record. Tommy Fury followed his brother Tyson’s path and is rumored to have a slightly padded record. He is currently 7-0 in his professional boxing career.

Speaking to Rob Moore on YouTube, Jon fury (father of Tommy and Tyson) alleged Jake Paul refused to sign up for Voluntary Anti-Doping Association before the fight. He disclosed that every condition is there in contract, but the YouTube sensation rejected to go for VADA. He said he was a little bothered with the state of affairs, but they will run it anyway.

“There are all kinds of stuff in the contract, as you’ve got to do this and you’ve got to do that,” he continued. I could go into it more and more, but I don’t want to bore people with the politics.”
“They wouldn’t sign up for the VADA testing as well. That bothered me a little bit because I wanted that in the contract, but they wouldn’t do that.
“I’m not even bothered about that, because of what they’re going to do, they’re going to do anyway.
“We just want the fight because we know we can win it.”

‘The Problem Child’ is already accused of taking drugs before. Former George Saint Pierre coach, Firas Zahabi was confident that Paul intake PEDs ahead of the fight vs Tyron Woodley. Paul did appear in drug testing for his last fight against Tyron Woodley in August, but it was on behalf of the Ohio Athletic Commission, not the recognized Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). Later Paul claimed he was not tested for performance-enhancing drugs despite turning in a negative result.
John Fury further cleared out the rumors circulating the social media that his son is being paid to lose against Jake Paul. Tommy is carrying Fury’s legacy in the ring and he won’t back out easily.

“Listen, Tommy’s getting paid more money for this than some world champions,” Fury Sr told Rob Moore on YouTube.
“He’s getting paid in the millions, so if we get millions for getting wet, we’re going to do it, because it’s good business.”
“People think that Tommy’s getting paid to lose, they’re joking. A Fury would rather be put to death than go down that road.”