“Jake Paul is a free agent” – Ariel Helwani says Paul’s Showtime boxing deal is done

Jake Paul’s contract with Showtime Sports has expired, according to combat sports journalist Ariel Helwani.

During an episode of The MMA Hour with colleagues ‘GC’ and ‘NewYorkRic,’ Helwani explored the prospect of a Paul vs. Anderson Silva fight. Helwani casually mentioned during their talk that the YouTuber is presently a free agent after his two-fight deal with Showtime ended.

“By the way, a not really talked about thing, the fact that Jake Paul is a free agent right now, TV-wise,” Helwani remarked. He had a two-fight deal with Showtime. I mean, that doesn’t really affect the viewer at home, but I’m kind of interested to see where that story goes.”

In May 2021, Paul signed a deal with the broadcasting partner. After back-to-back bouts with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, the partnership came to an end.

It’s still unknown if Paul will renew his contract with Showtime or seek a new broadcasting partner for his bouts. Previously, he was a with Triller Fight Club.

In the show, Ariel Helwani also discussed the possibility of a Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva fight.

Following Silva’s recent victory over Bruno Machado, Paul recently raised speculation about a possible battle between the two. In an apparent dig at the former UFC champion, Paul’ posted a poorly edited meme on Twitter.

Ariel Helwani, on the other hand, isn’t persuaded Silva is the best next opponent for the YouTube sensation.

Helwani remarked on the same broadcast of The MMA Hour:

“I saw a lot of talk [about], ‘Jake Paul has to fight Anderson. That’s the fight.’ You know what? I disagree. Why does this have to be the fight? Here’s the thing, I’m down if it’s the fight. But why does it have to be the fight? Why do a 47-year-old vs. a 25-year-old, how come that’s the fight?”

Helwani also said that a bout with Tommy Fury could be a better choice for Paul. Paul’s history with Fury, along with Tyson Fury’s expected participation, would make for a more fascinating contest.