Jake Paul Gets Viciously Roasted For MMA Training Video

Jake Paul has been on a hard core publicity tour exchanging barbs with Dana White. Paul has been keeping himself in the headlines thanks to Dana White’s marketing ineptness compared to youtube phenom – and all under the guise of advocating for fighter pay.

Paul has been toying with White and has been adequately responding to each and every challenge. Accusations of PED use he answered with accepting the challenge and doubling down on demands such as minimum pay raise and health insurance. All costly propositions for the UFC.

But Paul has been teasing that he will be making his way to the MMA cage sooner or later. After all this was a consideration for him before he ever stepped foot in a boxing ring.

Paul has accepted White’s challenge to retire from boxing and do a one fight deal with the UFC – of course this is all hypothetical because odds of UFC hiring a hitman to take him out are substantially bigger than them agreeing to his conditions and effectively slicing their profit margin in half at the very least.

Now it’s been a very eventful weekend with ESPN announcing a UFC price hike for the PPVs to staggering $74.99. A steep 25% hike. Naturally everyone’s favorite Problem child responded:


But where he lost the media fight was when he showcased his “MMA” :


Of course Paul was viciously dunked on for this display:

For those too young to remember Sampras he is a 50 year old former tennis pro – and winner of 14 grand slams.


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As for Paul, we hope the fighters get a pay bump and that he keeps on disrupting MMA with his boxing intermission zingers.