Jake Paul explains how Dana White has been trying to ‘sabotage’ Anderson Silva event

Boxing star Jake Paul said that the UFC president is trying to sabotage his match with Anderson Silva.

It’s no secret that Jake Paul and Dana White don’t have a good relationship. The Youtuber turned boxer has been in a lot of conflicts ever since Jake criticized the UFC for underpaying their talent. Aside from him competing against former UFC stars, this altercation also led him to be more popular among MMA fans.

The conflict between them had calmed for a bit. White even said that it’s possible for Jake to compete in the UFC. However, leading up to his 6th boxing match against Anderson Silva, Jake made several claims that White is trying to “hurt” his boxing career.

During a recent interview with MMA media, Jake Paul talked about how Dana White is trying his best to stop his stardom. The 25-year-old also claimed that White has been sending him cease and desist letters.

“It’s the shark at the top who, if he doesn’t like you, he’ll do anything he can to try and stop. I don’t know. That’s why it doesn’t make any sense to me.” Jake said.

To promote his upcoming boxing match, Jake used several highlight videos featuring Anderson Silva when he was still reigning as the middleweight champion in the UFC. Jake said that Dana White and the UFC has been trying to take down those promotion videos for including Anderson Silva and UFC logo.

He added,

“I mean, this guy that you know, this guy Dana and the UFC, were sending me cease and desist letters this whole entire week to take down YouTube videos where we had highlights of UFC, of Anderson in the UFC in the video, which is all over the internet, right?”

“But their lawyers send us a cease and desist. He’s doing anything he can to try to mess us up on this fight week. And it’s clear that he has some sort of vendetta against me and maybe you (Silva) as well.”