Jake Paul claims UFC utilizes “slave contracts” as he continues to push for better pay in MMA

As part of his ongoing campaign to raise wages for UFC employees, Jake Paul has alleged that UFC athletes are under “slave contracts.”

The YouTube sensation has quickly risen to popularity in the world of combat sports. Paul has been quite outspoken about UFC compensation and healthcare issues.

Of course he’s also enjoyed the publicity an the attack against president Dana White provides.

In his most recent extended tirade against UFC athlete compensation, Paul said,

“The heavyweight champion of the world in boxing Tyson Fury got like $32 million for his last fight. So the fact that they don’t have long-term healthcare in the most dangerous sport in the world.”

“These fighters are risking their lives and some of them can barely afford their gym bills. To me that is where I want to see change.”

“That is why I am working on the United Fighters association with Anderson because I know how hard they work and how much they are sacrificing.

“It just sucks to see them getting taken advantage of and they are the most profitable sporting organization in the world because they don’t pay their fighters.”

“Their fighters are basically in slave contracts. The crazy part about it is that UFC fighter pay for all of their own s***, and so they are getting paid like s*** and they have to pay for all these things.”

“It is just this really backwards thing, if it meant they raised their fighter minimum pay and increased their revenue then I would fight in the UFC.”

Paul recently tried to pour the water on UFC’s hottest star – Paddy Pimblett. Pimblett’s stardom seems to outpace his skill level and Paul is more than willing to exploit this.

He offered Paddy a hefty million dollar prize if the two were to spar.

Pimblett is enjoying the social media back and forth but obviously sees it for what it is – which is why he requested that the money be in an escrow account until their sparring takes place.

Paul might be tempted to accommodate Pimblett despite Pimblett’s lackluster performance last night.

But any sparring between the two will reportedly have to wait, Pimblett revealed at the presser he likely needs to get his ankle checked out by medical professionals.