Jake Paul calls out KSI’s ‘fake’ apology for using a racial slur

YouTube personality Jake Paul has criticized KSI for issuing a recent apology on Twitter for using a racial slur in a video on the Sidemen’s official YouTube channel.

The video has since been deleted. Paul, a long-term boxing rival of KSI, took to Twitter to express his displeasure over the apology, calling KSI a “fake guy with fake apologies every other week.”

In the deleted video, KSI used a racial slur, which referred to someone of Pakistani descent.

KSI apologized for his use of the term and announced that he would be taking a break from social media after admitting that he has been “messing up a lot” lately.

However, Paul was not impressed with KSI’s apology, vowing to “knock the f**k” out of KSI on behalf of all South Asians around the world.

In his tweet, Paul urged KSI to meet with British South Asian community leaders and get involved with the right charities.

He also called KSI out for taking a break from social media and reappearing two weeks before his boxing bout, claiming to be a new man.

The feud between KSI and Paul has been ongoing, with the two being tipped to meet inside the boxing ring.

Negotiations have been at a standstill for some time, but KSI recently vowed to “get everyone in a room and not leave until it’s a done deal.” Paul’s latest criticism of KSI’s apology indicates that the rivalry between the two personalities is still ongoing.