Jake Paul brushes off McGregor talk: He needs to go to rehab

Following his impressive victory over Nate Diaz in their recent boxing match, Jake Paul is setting his sights on a different path, one that doesn’t involve a clash with Conor McGregor.

Paul, with a record of 7-1, secured a decisive unanimous decision win against Diaz at the American Airlines Center, marking a strong comeback from his only career loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year.

The triumph showcased one of Paul’s most notable performances, steering his career back onto a positive trajectory.

Addressing the media in theĀ  press conference, Paul stated, “There’s a weight off my shoulders. I know I belong here, and I’ve exactly executed what I promised – showing the world how to rebound from a loss on the grandest stage and secure victory.”

Throughout the intense 10-round showdown with Diaz, Paul exhibited dominant control. Particularly impactful in the initial round, he even managed a knockdown in Round 5.

Despite initially predicting a knockout, Paul commended Diaz’s remarkable resilience and ability to overcome challenging moments, stating, “It’s what I anticipated. [His toughness] defines him. Surviving that first round was a mystery to me, but he’s a fighter, and I embraced the challenge.”

Looking ahead, Paul revealed his intentions to engage in an MMA rematch with Diaz, this time within the PFL organization. He further expressed aspirations to elevate his boxing career, culminating in a coveted opportunity to share the ring with Canelo Alvarez.

Paul waved off any talk of facing Conor McGregor, asserting, “I’m not concerned about [McGregor]. He needs to focus on rehabilitation. I’m eyeing Nate in the realm of MMA. My interest lies in facing established professional boxers, particularly Canelo.”

The two went off to have a vitriolic exchange on twitter:


The future for Jake Paul seems to hold promising challenges and aspirations in both MMA and boxing, as he continues to carve his unique path in the combat sports world.