Jake Paul and Tommy Fury make a huge bet at blockbuster press conference

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have set the stage for their highly anticipated boxing match in Saudi Arabia with an explosive press conference.

The duo, who have been feuding for years, will finally settle their differences on Sunday evening in Riyadh, in an event titled ‘The Truth’. Here’s what went down at the final face-off before the weigh-ins.

Jake Paul, the self-proclaimed ‘Problem Child’, made a huge ultimatum during the press conference, proposing that he would pay Tommy Fury double what he’s paying him if Fury wins.

However, if Paul wins, he would take everything he’s paying Fury. Without hesitating, John Fury, Tommy’s father, accepted the offer on his son’s behalf.

The duo then approached each other, and Fury attempted to psyche out his opponent by moving his head towards him. As tensions rose, both men tried to shove each other, with officials standing between them.



Although both Paul and Fury are undefeated in the squared circle, this will be the first time Paul will box another boxer. His previous wins have come against MMA stars Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

Despite Fury’s experience against fellow pros, boxing legend Mike Tyson believes that Paul will still have the upper hand in the fight.

Tyson said, “Jake Paul is getting better and better as he fights, and I don’t know if they brought him over here to lose – we’re going to find out.”

The stakes are high for both boxers, as the winner will receive a commemorative belt from the WBC and enter the official WBC rankings.

Fans have mixed opinions about the proposed deal made by Paul during the press conference. One fan commented that Paul deserves respect, while another wondered if Paul would regret the bet. A third fan tweeted, “John accepted the bet for him lol.”

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s boxing match in Saudi Arabia is set to be one of the most exciting events in the sport’s history. With both fighters determined to come out on top, the world will be watching as they finally settle their long-standing feud in the ring.