Jake Paul and Tommy Fury contract has a confirmed rematch clause

Prior to their boxing match, further details about the match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury were made public. On February 26, their much-anticipated confrontation is expected to take place in Saudi Arabia.

According Paul, if he loses on February 26 a stipulation in the contract would trigger a rematch. It’s logical to assume that Jake Paul wants the chance to quickly exact revenge if he loses to Tommy Fury in their first clash.

Paul confirmed there’s also penalties for not making weight:


Many fans replied with their opinions on the rationale for the rematch clause:

One of the said: “I don’t see why he’d do that, if he’s gonna take one beating why take another? Matchroom would never do that!”

Another commented: “Because Jake is the A-side, it has nothing to do with Jake being doubtful about his win.”

A different comment stated”Standard. Floyd, Canelo, Tank, everyone you like have rematch clauses.”

Fans are anxious to watch how far Jake Paul can go since he will be facing off against an actual professional boxer for the first time in his career.

The finalization of Jake Paul’s boxing bout with Tommy Fury and his declaration that he will be joining the PFL this season both made the news.

As a surprising participant in the men’s Royal Rumble bout last night, his brother Logan Paul also made headlines.

The speed with which Logan Paul transitioned into professional wrestling has amazed many. He entered the ring at No. 29. Logan Paul survived more than 10 minutes until Cody Rhodes eliminated him.



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At this year’s WrestleMania, it will be intriguing to see what WWE has in store for Logan Paul. He made a huge impression when he and The Miz defeated Rey and Dominick Mysterio in the ring for the first time last year.