Jake Paul On Fighting Canelo Alvarez: “I’m bigger than Canelo, I’m faster than Canelo”

Jake Paul is many things – but he’s certainly media trained. In his latest interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith the youtube phenom had to answer several difficult questions – among them why his choice of opponents was questionable. But Paul was not deterred – after all he was there to promote the boxing fight of his protégé Amanda Serrano.

2021 was a strange year for the public – but the biggest boxer in the world Canelo Alvarez managed to net whooping $34 Million. Yet this wasn’t enough to make him the highest earning boxer in the world – he was beaten out by the youtuber Jake Paul. Paul is estimated to have gone out of 2021 with an additional $45 Million.

Suffice to say Alvarez was displeased  – at one point he questioned the Athletic Commission over licensing Paul (and his brother).

‘They could get them killed. This is not a soccer game, they could get them killed,’ Alvarez said in an interview with Graham Bensinger.

‘Why do they give licences to people who have never in their life even thrown a punch?

‘If there’s a death, the commission will be responsible. Why? Because they issued the licence for the fight.’

This is possibly one of the biggest reasons Paul was asked about Alvarez in his ESPN interview. Stephen A. Smith could be heard asking: “You did mention the name Canelo Alvarez. And I want you to know as much as I like you, Jake. You going into deepwater? ”

Paul didn’t miss a beat:

“Other people try to place limits on what is possible for you, when you are a unicorn doing something different. Other people try to place limits on what’s possible for you, and what you can accomplish because of their mindset. They can accomplish as a human being but for me, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to and I know that I can get after Canelo. I know I can go rounds with them.”

“And the guy who fought the other time Turkish warrior quit after three rounds. He didn’t throw one punch. I’m bigger than Canelo, I’m faster than Canelo, I’m more athletic than Canelo. Can I box better? Probably not. But give me three years and that’s gonna be a big fight. The two biggest names in boxing going after each other. Why not?”