Jake Gyllenhaal makes a surprise appearance at UFC 285 weigh-ins drawing mixed reactions

Conor McGregor and Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprising appearance at the recent UFC 285 ceremonial weigh-ins.

McGregor, took to the stage after the headliners Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane faced off, to announce that he and Gyllenhaal were part of a movie project.

McGregor announced that they were working on a remake of the 1989 classic, Road House, in which he had been cast alongside Gyllenhaal.

Road House is a film about a UFC veteran who becomes a bouncer in the Florida Keys. While it is still unclear what role McGregor will play, sources report that he will take on an original character. On the other hand, Gyllenhaal will play the protagonist.

The recent weigh-ins featured a filming of a scene for the movie where UFC veteran Jay Hieron faced off against Gyllenhaal in a fictional UFC 222 event.

As Dana White separated the two, Gyllenhaal slapped Hieron. The crowd was excited to see McGregor present, despite not being part of the scene.

McGregor is also currently filming the next season of TUF in Las Vegas, where he will be coaching opposite Michael Chandler before their upcoming event.

What Role Will Conor McGregor Play in Road House?

While there is speculation that McGregor has been cast as Jimmy Reno, the right-hand henchman of the movie’s antagonist, Marshall Teague, his exact role in the movie remains unknown. Only time will tell if McGregor can replicate his legendary pay-per-view numbers at the Hollywood box office.

McGregor has been working on this movie since last summer, alongside Hollywood veteran Jake Gyllenhaal.

As McGregor continues to work on his Hollywood career, fans eagerly await his return to the octagon, where he is set to face Michael Chandler later this year. Only time will tell how successful McGregor will be on both the big screen and returning to the cage.

Reactions to Gyllenhaal’s physique

A good number of MMA fans and insiders was there ready to question how realistic it was to obtain such a physique.



There’s a trend of Hollywood stars denying PED use which has led to a lot of unrealistic expectations between young men.

Using PEDs is illegal in many countries, and admitting to using them could lead to legal trouble. It could damage their reputation and their brand value, as using PEDs could be seen as skirting the rules or taking shortcuts to achieve success. Further it might make it complicated for them to secure certain lucrative endorsements