Israeli UFC Athlete to auction off gear for WWII survivors fund

We don’t hear about people raising money as much for the victims of World Word II nowadays – after all it’s been close to 70 years.

Israeli UFC athlete Nathan Levy wants to direct attention to this cause. Levy is looking to auction off the kit he wore during the last weekend’s event and to give all the proceeds to survivors.

During the press conference following his victory over Mike Breedan, Levy revealed he aims to donate to a worthy cause.

“What they went through was horrible. Whatever we can do to support it or bring attention to it, there are many causes that are worthwhile, for me, this is the cause that I see right now. They are not going to be here forever to tell their story.”

Levy has been with the UFC since 2021 – he made it onto the roster thanks to a stint on Dana White’s Contender Series back in 2020.

Levy was born in France and moved to Israel at a young age. As per timesofisrael:

“Born in Paris to a traditional Jewish family, Levy’s parents divorced when he was 4 years old. His mother asked him and his two brothers where they wanted to live, Paris or Herzliya, Israel, where they had previously lived for a period. The boys chose Israel. Levy was about 5 years old when he made the move.”

Levy was reportedly bullied which led him to martial arts. After trying out a lot of different disciplines, he started training Kung fu & karate at the age of 15, He received his black belt in Kung fu at 17 and Karate at 18 in Okinawa, Japan.

Nathan Levy’s professional record is seven wins and one loss. If he continues to have such great performances, he will be a tough opponent for everyone in the lightweight division.