Israel Adesanya flames egoistical approach in street altercation clip

Israel Adesanya has been quietly preparing for his title defense against former kickboxing foe Alex Pereira. He’s been watching comedy podcasts during his off hours prompting him to react to a podcast clip showing a man getting shot at point blank.

The reigning UFC middleweight champion laughed hysterically at the street altercation.

‘The Last Stylebender’ often posts reaction videos of him watching UFC and other events and is generally a good sport when it comes to reacting to other people’s success.

In the clip, the podcasters were also reacting to a street altercation where an unarmed man challenged another man who was armed.

The unarmed man let his ego take control and walked straight into the armed guy pointing at his head. He was then shot at point blank. Luckily, the armed man lowered his aim and hit his chest instead.

Israel Adesanya can be heard laughing hysterically at the incident.

Meanwhile, the two podcasters were holding their laughter and one of them said, “Now, guess who won this?”

Israel Adesanya received a lot of backlash following his latest title defense against Jared Cannonier. A lot of MMA fans aren’t satisfied with the performance Adesanya displayed in the octagon. Adesanya was clearly dominating the whole 5 rounds but played it a bit too safe for their liking, resulting in a boring performance. A lot of fans can even be seen leaving the T-Mobile Arena while the headliner was still going.

Adesanya recently addressed these rumors and called the meme like measured performance against Yoel Romero as a reason for criticism.

“The Romero thing, that was the worst,” Adesanya explained when discussing his recent relationship with UFC fans on his YouTube channel. Just the narrative and the voices that were loud. Probably the minority but they’re the loudest voices, the eat a** c**s. So that’s why I went into the Costa fight just free like I’m going to show you what’s up.

“After that fight with Romero I was like ‘But I was fighting, he was just standing there! Why are you blaming me?’ … That was the first time I was kind of like ‘Eugh,’ the fans turned on me in a way. I was like wait, what, now they say I’m s***? Like, did you not watch the fight before that? The one before before that?

“And that’s why in that Costa fight I had the chip on my shoulder and I was just like ‘Watch this.’ These last two fights, for me, f*** people, it’s the expectation on myself, I didn’t meet my expectations. But this next fight, I’ve been saying delayed gratification.”

Currently, the 32-year-old New Zealander is focusing on his upcoming bout against his old rival Alex Pereira. Adesanya lost 2 times against the Brazilian back when the two were still competing at Glory Kickboxing. The pair will headline UFC 281 which is scheduled for November.