Irish website claims McGregor signed TUF contract to coach next season

UFC star Conor McGregor might have big news for his return this year. According to Irish publication, Severe MMA, McGregor has accepted the offer to take part.

Conor McGregor is the biggest MMA star in the world. ‘The Notorious’ is the first UFC double champion and a lot of MMA fans love his villainous character and off the line trash talk. However, his professional career in the UFC is in bad shape.

McGregor suffered a back-to-back losses against Dustin Poirier. His latest match was in July of last year where the Irishman broke his leg in an accident in the octagon, rendering him unable to continue.

McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh confirmed that McGregor will return this year and he desired to move up to the welterweight division.

TUF is a television reality show produced by the UFC that displays professional mixed martial artists during their training days leading up to the big event where they would compete for real.

TUF is widely credited with saving UFC when it premiered. When UFC was acquired by Endeavor, the budgets for TUF were slashed and the reality series is a shade of what it once was.

It’s largely been replaced with Dana White’s Contender Series, which also offers competing for a basic contract allowing for UFC to remain a monopsony. But the actual competitors come and go and are free to use their phones and train however they’d like.

TUF episodes mainly consist of UFC aspiring stars living together with the camera crew following them around, showing different stages of what we usually see in the octagon.

Conor McGregor took to his Instagram account where he uploaded a photo from 2015 when he coached Team Europe at TUF 22.

Following McGregor’s admission, Tony Ferguson also claimed he was approached about coaching TUF. But they’re really not the only ones, a number of UFC stars claimed they had been approached online.

It should be noted that a source from the Irish mirror claimed earlier last year that McGregor will be re-matching Floyd Mayweather in the ring and thus far that’s not come to fruition. It would be an interesting development if it is indeed true.