Iranian Hulk: After I win this fight, I want to challenge myself against Martyn Ford

Sajad Gharibi, famously known as ‘The Iranian Hulk’ has vowed to try and rebook his previously-canceled boxing match against Martyn Ford. This is most likely in vain however it’s certainly interesting that he’s willing to try.

Ford had previously trolled the Iranian Hulk and his fans repeatedly instigating a conflict – up until the now notorious face off and subsequent weep fest on Iranian national tv. At that point Ford had backed

Gharibi was famous on social media for his oddly enormous physique. He then agreed to box fellow bodybuilder Martyn Ford in The O2 Arena in London on April 30.

Seeing the state of his opponent, ‘The World’s Scariest Man’ then called off the fight, concerned with Gharibi’s mental condition.

“So they put us face-to-face and it was a c***-up on the promotional side if I’m honest. It should never have happened, it was the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong environment with no security and it was just stupid.”

“Then the second face-off happened where he tried to take me down and that for me was when I started to become more concerned about the damage that would be done to him. It was very obvious and clear that there was never going to be a fair fight.”

Gharibi has since signed another agreement to box the lesser-known ‘Kazakh Titan’ Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich.

While significantly smaller than the 385 lbs Gharibi, Bakhytovich apparently has a martial arts background.

“This fight is for me to set the record straight,” Gharibi said in a statement about the fight’s announcement. “I will be a great champion for Iran and I’ll represent my people with respect and all my strength.”

“After I win this fight, I want to challenge myself against Martyn Ford, this fight will happen, if Martyn is too scared to fight me then the world will know. I’m stepping into the ring now ready to fight”.

While Gharibi is trying to set the stage for another big-money showdown with Ford, the Brits have apparently  moved on from him.

Ford has now set his sights on Game of Thrones star Thor Bjornsson, who had just beaten Eddie Hall earlier this year.