‘Internet Karate Kid’ shows up to his first MMA session and tries to teach the coach – it instantly backfires

Mixed martial arts are a young sport compared to majority of martial arts disciplines.

While Boxing and wrestling are widely considered some of the world’s oldest martial arts, they’re definitely not the most popular.

Motion pictures contributed a lot to popularizing martial arts – but they’ve also created a lot of delusion along the way. And once a delusional practitioner tries to confront someone with true skill – it often backfires gloriously.

This is exactly what happened in a clip that recently went viral.

In the clip a kid could be seen trying to coach a martial arts instructor. Instructor appears to be annoyed from the get go, watching the kid doll out instructions with arms on his hips.

The instructor suggests the two go easy so the student could test his own instructional live.

The student seems reluctant to engage in easy sparring and tries to get out of the situation immediately at which point he’s stopped in his tracks by instructor.

Kid even goes on to accuse the instructor of putting him down the whole time he’s been there.

At this point the instructor is thoroughly angry and proposes the young man put some gloves on.

But before the young man has the chance to get going, a brawl breaks out between the two and instructor starts landing some heavy shots.

Soon he lands a monster takedown on the guy and proceeds to ground and pound him while the student tries to latch on to the head leg of the instructor.

Instructor is trying to control himself and is seen landing some open palm strikes, perhaps, in an effort to not maim the student.

The student appears to have some grappling experience and tries to play guard however that wasn’t terribly smart in this position.

His guard gets passed faster than he anticipated, at which point he eats quite a lot of ground and pound.

He again tries to get up but is dragged down by the coach who clearly has a lot more experience.

Instructor finally lets him up and ends up shoving him into the patio to end their confrontation.