Instructional site is doing a fundraiser to help the family of Leandro Lo following murder

Jiu-jitsu scene has a number of prominent services. On the bjj instructional market the biggest share of the market belongs to a service called BJJ Fanatics. Pretty much all the BJJ outlets are subservient to Fanatics and have long been slaves to their affiliate links without which most would go out of business.

Despite making millions of dollars in the BJJ Instructional business, founders Michael Zenga (a businessman) and longtime competitor Bernardo Faria decided to open up a fundraiser on their own site to gather funds to help the family of Leandro Lo – 8x BJJ World champion. They seek to to raise $100,000 for the champion.

Lo had had instructional get sold through BJJ Fanatics long before they won the market share they have today.

According to screencaps provided by their resident loudmouth – Gordon Ryan – he alone receives roughly $300,000 a month in sold instructional only. Which raises the question as to why such a prominent Company isn’t taking care of one of their own and is instead trying to tap into a fanbase to cover the cost while reaping the benefits from his work and status in the community.

The campaign is ongoing and has raised $17,000 to date.

Sadly, Fanatics are not alone in this business. Streaming giant Flograppling had bullied a close friend into being in a submission only match less than 24 hours following the tragic news.

Many of the jiu-jitsu community members are appalled at how the outlets are handling the event with criticisms targeting everything from news coverage to events in the fall out from the tragic passing of Lo.