Influencer cries out that Mayweather hasn’t paid her for competing on his undercard – Two weeks after event

Sammy-Jo Luxton made waves previously for her strides in Muay Thai for ONE FC. However this time, she has made headlines for calling out boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

Luxton made her boxing debut last month at The O2 arena in an undercard event leading up to Mayweather’s exhibition with Aaron Chalmers.

While Luxton emerged victorious, she has yet to receive her purse from the event and is demanding payment from Mayweather.


In a now-deleted tweet, Luxton responded to Mayweather’s announcement of plans for up to five more exhibition contests this year by calling for him to fulfill his obligations from the last event.

Luxton stated that she has not received payment for her participation in the London-held event almost two weeks ago.

Luxton wrote, “Before Mayweather does all of these exhibitions for $$, can I get paid first for the one two weeks ago??? Cause I’m still waiting and your girl needs to eat.”

While a two-week delay may not seem significant, Mayweather has a history of being accused of late payments. Last year, YouTube star Logan Paul accused Mayweather of failing to pay him after their 2021 exhibition bout. The dispute between the two became so drawn out that Paul even sued Mayweather for an undisclosed amount early last year.


Beyond securing payment for her boxing debut, Luxton has an upcoming venture into MMA. She has made the switch and signed with the PFL last month. Luxton will be hoping to avoid her early frustrations with Mayweather reaching the stage of a legal battle, as Paul’s situation did.


Luxton’s call-out of Mayweather for unpaid earnings has caused quite a stir in the combat sports world.

While Luxton’s delay in payment may not be significant, Mayweather’s history of late payments raises concerns.

Sammy-Jo Luxton previously encountered fan backlash when she offered to number two on a fan.

It all started with an aptly formatted picture of Luxton. On one half she was very affable and attractive and on another she was in the throes of a combat sports performance.

Along with the image collage was the caption: “I was watching Road to ONE and stumbled across this Muay Thai fighter. Sammy-Jo Luxton, holy s**t. Get yourself a girl that can do both.”

Reacting to the post, another fan added: “I’d let her take a dump on me,”.

At which point Luxton (who clearly searches for her own name) replied: “If the price is right I’ll do it.”

Needless to say Luxton used the all PR is good PR approach and spun it into a lucrative new contract with the PFL. Her MMA debut is pending.

Following the fan reactions Luxton reported that her pay dispute with Mayweather had been settled.