Influencer-boxing promotion Kingpyn has reportedly filed for bankruptcy

The world of influencer-boxing has been booming, with creators from various platforms eager to join in on the action. Since the highly-anticipated boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI in 2018, the trend has gained immense popularity and shows no signs of slowing down.

While KSI’s Misfits Boxing managed to secure a five-year deal with DAZN, another competitor in the space seems to be facing financial difficulties. Kingpyn, an influencer-boxing promotion, recently filed for bankruptcy following their ‘high stakes’ tournament, which was set to conclude in August.


Kingpyn entered the scene earlier this year, aiming to rival Misfits x DAZN with their own influencer-boxing tournament. The tournament was scheduled to span several events throughout the year, determining which creators would emerge victorious.

The quarter-final took place on April 22 at the OVO Arena in London, and the semi-final occurred on July 1 in Dublin. However, it appears that the fans will not witness the final showdown, as Kingpyn has reportedly filed for bankruptcy, abruptly halting their combat sports spectacle.

The news of Kingpyn’s bankruptcy was first reported by Happy Punch Boxing, which also claimed that the entire tournament has been canceled. Sources close to the company revealed this unfortunate development.

KSI, one of the leading figures in influencer boxing, responded to the news with amusement, as he had previously joked about Kingpyn’s financial troubles on Twitter.

Despite the setback, there may be hope for Kingpyn’s future. Happy Punch later reported that DAZN, the sports streaming platform, might step in to rescue the brand. Sources suggest that DAZN is in talks to secure investment and acquire Kingpyn. However, it remains to be seen if this potential partnership will materialize.

The fate of Kingpyn remains uncertain for now. In the meantime, fans of influencer-boxing can look forward to the upcoming Misfits x DAZN Series 008 on July 22, featuring a lineup of thrilling tag-team matches.

Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions brings positivity amidst KingPyn’s cancellation and bankruptcy. Influencer boxing trend started with Logan Paul and KSI. Paul hinted at rescuing KingPyn in a tweet, generating excitement among fans.