Infamous ‘Let me Bang’ bro talks smack while getting smashed in latest bout

It’s been a rough ride for one Julian Lane. Lane became a fixture in the MMA world after making it on TUF reality series and uttering the infamous ‘Let me bang’ line wile crying.

In the video, Lane is seen instigating an altercation with several contestants of the reality show, but eventually, when held back by his friends, he breaks down in tears as he utters:

“Let me bang bro!”… “Let me F***ing bang bro!”

His friend then goes on to comfort him and tell him while he holds him in his arms:

“I do… I do let you bang.”

Julian Lane never ceases to disappoint the fans when it comes to delivering classic funny moments. In a recent interview ahead of his bare-knuckle boxing bout against Mike Perry, Julian stated that his IQ is “200%” when he steps up in the ring.

But Lane went on to lose to Perry and even one upped himself in latest appearance inside of the cage. Lane took on Austin Hubbard at XMMA 5.

This was Lane’s first MMA match since 2018.

In the video you can hear Lane talking smack while being controlled.

“Stand up. Let’s go man, f**k you doing? Holding me down like a b***h. I don’t give a f**k. You want to bang? F**k is that? What you gonna’ do? You ain’t doin’ nothing b***h. You’re a hoe, that’s why they [UFC] cut you bro. You can’t get into the UFC like this.”
Lane said while eating elbows to the face.