Ian Garry’s Wife Warned Ex-husband after famous footballer slid into her DMs

Rumors are swirling within the MMA community, drawing increased attention to the relationship between UFC welterweight star Ian Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee.

Recent sparks flew when Garry hinted at resorting to legal measures in response to UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland’s comments about his partner.

Garry’s wife Layla Anna-Lee has become a focal point among fans, particularly due to her book titled ‘How to Be a WAG.’ This has led to speculations about her motivations for marrying a young athlete.

An older interview featuring the broadcaster has resurfaced. In the video, she recounts an incident involving a prominent soccer star sliding into her DMs.

This incident dates back nearly a decade, during Anna-Lee’s coverage of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014. But the situation was more complex than it initially seemed.

At the time, she was with her then-fiancé Richard Cullen. And Cullen was managing her Instagram account.

Layla Anna-Lee revealed on the Boys Don’t Cry podcast: “I interviewed a Barcelona player (whose name) we won’t mention he was young at the time he wasn’t playing in the World Cup.”

“Who does he find on Instagram? Me! And the message that he wrote in Portuguese my husband had to google translate. The message that he wrote was you know: So, what time am I meeting you?”

“He found me on Instagram! The message he wrote in Portuguese, my husband had to translate. It was something like, ‘So, what time am I meeting you?'” she added.

Layla Anna-Lee faced difficulty explaining to her fiancé that the soccer player’s actions were unsolicited. She warned her ex-husband: “I ended up just saying look I work in football you scroll down those DMs, it is really bad.”

Before marrying, Layla garnered recognition as a British television presenter. Her connection with ex-husband Richard Cullen unfolded around 2013. He then became a co-creator and co-writer within her team.

The couple tied the knot in 2014 and welcomed their son Lucas on September 29, 2015. But shortly after their child’s birth, they amicably separated. Despite their personal differences, Cullen remains an integral part of Anna-Lee’s professional life.

Richard Cullen’s association with Team Future Group MMA started in July 2021. He assumed the role of a performance nutritionist for Layla’s current husband, Ian Garry.