Ian Garry causes backlash after UFC fans spot a detail casting doubt on authenticity of his pneumonia pull out

Irish MMA rising star Ian Garry faced a barrage of criticism after sharing photos documenting a challenging week on social media. Garry revealed that what was supposed to be a triumphant week turned into a nightmare as influenza escalated into pneumonia, leading to his withdrawal from the fight as advised by the UFC doctor.

Garry’s social media post, accompanied by pictures of himself appearing unwell, garnered mixed reactions from fans. While he expressed gratitude for the support received, many fans questioned the authenticity of his posts, accusing him of seeking sympathy.

Garry writes:

“Fight week didn’t go as planned. Influenza developed into pneumonia as I dropped weight and for the first time in my career I was pulled by the UFC Doctor. Flying home I met so many fans who flew out specifically to see me. F*ck. This is not how I wanted to meet you. I wanted to put on a show more than anything. Thank you for all your kind words, wonderful messages and to everyone who was there for me. You might read hateful comments online but I’ve discovered they aren’t real. In real life you book flights, hotels, you drive miles, and you show up, in Vegas. I appreciate the hell out everyone and I promise I’ll make it up to you all in February 💜🙏🏼”

UFC fans were quick to point out that Garry seems to be sporting the same set of socks in all of the pictures.

One UFC fan referred to Garry as a “tool.” Another user humorously suggested that Garry’s wife and her ex-husband were enjoying a laugh while reading the comments.

The skepticism continued, with users advising Garry to “save the drama for [his] mamma.”

Some users, mocked Garry’s photos, accusing him of staging them to gain sympathy. One seized the opportunity to highlight the irony of Garry claiming hateful comments aren’t real while facing criticism online.

There’s also the contradiction in Garry’s stance, highlighting that he had disabled comments on social media and withdrawn from the fight, seemingly contradicting his assertion that hateful comments aren’t real.


The incident has sparked a debate among fans, questioning the authenticity of social media posts during challenging times and prompting a reassessment of the line between genuine transparency and perceived attempts at sympathy-seeking in the world of professional MMA.