How Khalil Rountree transformed his body and started dating supermodel Mia Kang

Khalil Rountree Jr. is an eminent UFC light heavyweight contender who stands out for his remarkable physique.

Aged 33, he possesses an aesthetically impressive body. Also, he has a formidable knockout power and boasts a professional record of 12-5. Eight of those wins were delivered via knockout.

Rountree Jr. is currently preparing for his upcoming challenge against Anthony Smith for a light heavyweight match in UFC Vegas 83. Originally slated against Azamat Murzakanov, Rountree Jr.’s opponent changed due to Murzakanov’s health issues. This led to Smith stepp in.

Recently, on social media shared a visual journey of Khalil Rountree Jr. through photos from 2016 to 2023. The image revealed subtle yet noticeable changes in the his physique.

The post stirred a mix of reactions among fans, prompting both admiration and skepticism. While some admirers lauded Rountree Jr.’s physical transformation, others questioned the authenticity of his ripped form, expressing doubts in the comments section.

Some of the comments are as follows:

“He learned from Dustin Poirier that you become more violent if you pull your shorts up.”

“Let’s pray Anthony Smith makes it out alive this weekend.”

Since Rountree Jr. changed his physique, he has also been dating popular model Mia Kang. The two started dating in 2020 and has been going strong ever since.

Hailing from Hong Kong with roots in both Britain and South Korea, Kang is a model and professional Muay Thai competitor.

Kang’s path to success was strewn with hurdles, grappling with the fashion industry’s stringent size norms as an overweight child. Struggling to conform, she resorted to dangerous weight control methods. She battled anorexia as a result of extreme measures like starvation, smoking, and abusing diuretics during her teenage years.

Discovering Muay Thai during a vacation in Thailand in 2016 proved transformative for Kang. Initially drawn to the sport for weight loss purposes, she gradually embraced its ethos and found solace in its discipline.

Kang’s 2020 book ‘Knockout’ vividly narrates how Muay Thai empowered her, fostering self-respect and combating body dysmorphia.

Stepping into the ring for her first professional Muay Thai match in 2017, Kang secured victory via a third-round TKO.

Both Rountree Jr. and Kang have embraced disciplines that redefine their careers and lives, inspiring others along the way.