Highlights: Philipe Lins KOs Ovince St. Preux in under a minute

Philipe Lins made a remarkable comeback in his return to the light heavyweight division at UFC Vegas 69, defeating Ovince Saint Preux with a crushing blow. The bout was one of the most intense of the night, showcasing Lins’ impressive skills and his ability to overwhelm his opponent.

Lins’ return to the division was marked by his win over Marcin Prachnio in April 2022, which he followed up with a dominant performance against Saint Preux. Despite being a former PFL heavyweight champion, Lins proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the light heavyweight division.

OSP, on the other hand, entered with a recent win over Shogun Rua, but he was not able to keep up with Lins’ relentless attacks. The opening moments saw Saint Preux launching a probing kick, which was met with a straight left hand from Lins, causing OSP to backpedal and cover up.

Lins seized the opportunity and unloaded a flurry of punches, throwing everything at OSP, including lefts, rights, and hooks. Despite the overwhelming barrage, Saint Preux managed to survive by covering up and circling out of harm’s way.

However, the respite was short-lived, as Lins relentlessly pursued OSP, and soon enough, he sent him crashing down to the canvas with a devastating blow. The win was a testament to Lins’ determination and his ability to overpower his opponents with his impressive striking skills.

In the end, Philipe Lins emerged as the winner of the intense light heavyweight bout against Ovince Saint Preux at UFC Vegas 69. His victory showcased his impressive skills and his ability to dominate his opponents with his striking abilities. The event was a testament to the level of competition in the light heavyweight division and was a reminder that anything can happen inside the octagon.