Highlights: Kickboxing legend Cedric Doumbe blitzes opponent in 9s during MMA debut

In a sensational debut at PFL Paris, Cedric Doumbe left fans astounded with a jaw-dropping 9-second left-hook knockout victory over Jordan Zebo.

The buildup to the fight was nothing short of theatrical, with Doumbe making an unforgettable entrance. Carrying a mattress embellished with a tombstone bearing his opponent’s name, Zebo, Doumbe made his way through the crowd to the ring, setting the stage for a night to remember.

The fight itself was as exciting as the pre-match theatrics. As soon as the stars touched gloves, they wasted no time and engaged in a furious exchange of strikes. Zebo attempted a head kick, but Doumbe’s lightning-quick reflexes allowed him to catch the kick and respond with a precise low kick-left-hook combination. Both fighters were in a crouched position, and ‘The Lazy King’ seized the moment to deliver a powerful right hand that left Zebo incapacitated, electrifying the Zenith Paris Arena.


Fans were quick to react to Cedric Doumbe’s extraordinary performance, with a wide range of emotions pouring in.

One fan exclaimed, “I would say post the full fight, but this is the full fight.” Another was simply stunned, writing, “Holysh*tballs 9 seconds!!” The knockout power didn’t go unnoticed either, with a fan remarking, “That’s that one punch power. Insane.”

Cedric Doumbe’s journey to PFL took an interesting turn. Back in June, he signed with the organization after originally being slated to make his UFC debut in Paris in September 2022 against Darian Weeks. However, the fight never materialized due to concerns raised by the French commission regarding differences in experience levels between the fighters.

Doumbe shed light on this setback during an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani in May. He explained, “A doctor made a mistake in that test and [it said that] I have blood in my brain. I signed the paper to the UFC, I didn’t even check, and they [responded] to us that I can’t fight because the MRI is bad.”

He also revealed that PFL presented him with a significantly more lucrative offer, an astounding ten times larger than what the UFC had proposed. Doumbe expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I really have a better contract with PFL. PFL is the future, and I’m very [happy] with my contract right now.”

Cedric Doumbe’s explosive PFL debut has undoubtedly set the stage for an exciting journey in the organization, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future matchups.