Highlights: Iranian Hulk flops in boxing debut, gets floored easily

Iranian Hulk aka Sajad Gharibi is one of the greatest catfishing tales out there. Gharibi has been a social media star as far back as 2015 thanks to his ‘unreal’ looking physique which *spoilers ahead* turned out to have been not real.

Gharibi had toyed with many combat sports promotions and there were rumors of him making it into everything from MMA to Bare knuckle.

In the end, Gharibi opted for Boxing and was initially booked to face Martyn Ford at a UK arena. But once that became a reality he was quick to tuck and go on a crying during interviews spree that left the promotion and his opponent so uneasy it was cancelled.

A different promotion stepped in – and the Iranian Hulk was finally able to make his boxing debut late last night in Dubai.

Gharibi took on ‘The Kazakh Titan’ also known as Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich.

The fans were not pleased. According to reactions around the web Gharibi effectively destroyed the myth surrounding himself he so carefully tried to craft for years.

” just destroyed his entire Internet character in less than 2 minutes. He is nothing but a fat, uncoordinated wannabe who just embarrassed himself in what appears to be a nite club” one fan writes.

Martyn Ford’s pull out was finally justified in the eyes of more fans.

” just imagine he was going up against martyn ford!! The only person I respect for all this is martyn ford as he was clearly right in pulling out and for the reasons he gave ”


“The best part of Iranian Hulk performance was his entrance into the ring tonight. He fooled me.”

Iranian Hulk KO’d in first round of shambles – and he even tripped over” another fan writes.