Heroic Florida father fights off bobcat to protect his daughter’s dog

A recent incident in East Orlando involving a wild bobcat and a man named Paul Broadhurst has gained widespread attention. Broadhurst was out walking his daughter’s dog, Koda, in the Stoneybrook neighborhood on February 11 when they were suddenly confronted by a bobcat.

Understanding the threat that the bobcat posed to his dog, Broadhurst took action and fought off the wild animal using only his fists. Despite being clawed by the bobcat, he managed to land some blows to the animal’s face and chase it back into the wild.

Bobcats are typically not aggressive towards humans, but they will attack domestic animals like cats and dogs. Broadhurst’s quick thinking and bravery saved his daughter’s dog from harm and potentially prevented future attacks on other pets or even children.

Encounter with the Bobcat

In an interview with Fox 32 Orlando, Broadhurst shared the details of his encounter with the bobcat. He revealed that the animal had clawed into him, but he was able to punch it in the mouth to force it to let go. Despite the danger he faced, Broadhurst remained determined to protect Koda and other pets and children in the area.

High-Traffic Area

Broadhurst also explained that the incident occurred in a high-traffic area where many people walk their dogs and children. He recognized the potential danger that the bobcat posed to others and felt that it was his responsibility to take action.

While Florida man stories are often associated with absurd or irrational behavior, this incident shows a different side of the trope. Broadhurst’s actions demonstrate bravery and a willingness to protect those around him.

During an interview with Fox 32 Orlando, Broadhurst detailed his encounter with the wild bobcat.

“The bobcat, he clawed into me pretty good, and I ended up having to punch the bobcat in the mouth to get it off of me. He was walking down the sidewalk that bobcat was just over the top of him. He no sooner got there, and I ripped him off.” Broadhurst explained.

“He got away lucky. This is a very high-traffic area. People walk their dogs, and have their kids. There are small kids in area 1-, 2-, 3-year-olds and if the bobcat got on them, it would be a bad outcome.” Broadhurst said.